About Us

Stagewave began late 2018 in a small neighbourhood of London, when a group of friends saw a real problem in the Music Industry. Live shows are more popular and profitable than ever – yet the quality of the concerts are often mediocre and uninspiring. Music fans aren’t getting the best out of their most favoured artists.

Sat down in a coffee shop, these friends discussed the issue and decided they want to fix the problem. They focus on performances like in the Super Bowl, Grammy Awards, etc… Where major artists put on their best live shows, and they work alongside professional musicians to do so.

A purpose arose: to increase the quality of the Live Music Industry shows.

After many meetings, our third live show is soon to commence. Two Artists have teamed up with Stagewave to create an unforgettable show. 

We have two goals at Stagewave. The first, is to elevate artists by pairing them with an excellent backing collective of musicians, and to produce a show like no other through live band arrangements, choreography, and all around great showmanship. Our second goal is to provide the public with not only the quality of live music they deserve, but also with a night they will remember for the rest of their lives.

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