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We help artists to reach their full potential musically and professionally. 

 We believe that every singer songwriter, solo artist or band has the ability to perform great shows when the conditions are right. We are here to create those conditions. By providing you with a full team of musicians, arrangers, technicians & more, we help you perform your original music in the way you always dreamed to.

We always aim for the highest quality in our live shows. New, original, powerful live performances full of music, dance, lights and all you can imagine; all under one single organisation that will make you become a bigger and better artist in the face of the industry and your fans.

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An Afro-Swedish Artist born in Tanzania, raised in Sweden. His music is infectious, energetic, and passionate. His music is influenced by genres such as Afro-Cuban, Reggae, Pop, African/World, and Funk music.

Together with his team of 8 instrumentalists, he brings the African rhythm to London.


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Born Husky is a Singer-Songwriter currently living in London, UK. He was born in 1996 in Enskede, a suburb to Stockholm.

Bjorn, the young man behind the name, started making music at the age of ten when he started taking guitar lessons. At the age of eleven, he started writing his first songs and hasn’t stopped since.

The name Born Husky came after long weeks of trying to explain to non-Swedish people, how to pronounce “Bjorn.”

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Uniquely soothing and emotive Soul, R&B and Gospel-inspired Singer-Songwriter Sully Gravity has been songwriting since the age of twelve.

Having played at several venues across London (Hard Rock Café, Birthdays, Under the Bridge), he’s currently working on his debut EP 'Epokhe.' Set to be released 2019’s fall.

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Sierra Leone-born, London-based Pop Singer Isat is an Afrobeats/Dancehall Artist who uses her soulful voice and Krio language mixed with English to give her music an interesting and unique spin.

She is currently releasing new music and collaborating with artists both here in London and Africa.

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Italian-born, London-based. Sandream is a hopeless romantic Singer/Songwriter. At the core of it, her music is made with elements of Jazz, Soul and R&B with always a storyline balanced between sadness and optimism. She is currently working on her debut EP 'Ancient Wind' that will surely let you far into feelings by the end of this winter.

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